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What to do with the holiday home

Holiday houses rarely prove to be dream investments and often become a burden and source of frustration to their owners. With the sad state of the property market, there is little point in selling this investment so here is an idea to get some benefit from a problematic asset. Swap it Let’s face it, if […]

The cheapest way to buy ETFs

I have been a staunch advocate of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) from the launch of the first ETF in November 2000. Since then, many new indexed products have been launched and various companies have created new options for purchasing these investments. As a result, I have been getting an increasing number of questions from readers […]

Chattering monkeys

I have been away recently so I missed much of the recent market turmoil and the resulting press coverage. This means I did not agonise through the massive fluctuations we have seen recently. I have however, spent some time catching up on the press coverage of the turmoil, which would have been comical had it […]

Life Assurance needs a shakeup

The life assurance industry in SA is ripe for a shakeup similar to the way Capitec is transforming the banking industry. Despite all the efforts of the regulators through legislation like the Consumer Protection Act, the life assurance industry is carrying on as they have always done with opaque products, exorbitant costs and flawed remuneration […]

Dividends are king

If you are going to invest in shares in an attempt to generate long term capital growth, you need to understand how this growth can be created. There are three main components to capital growth from shares: inflation growth, share price appreciation and re-investing dividends. Most investors don’t fully appreciate the massive impact that dividends […]

Career advice you didn’t get at school

After more than a decade of advising retired people on their investments I have always been surprised at how dissimilar the successful people are and how difficult it would have been to predict their success at the start of their careers. People who never finished school have retired comfortably at 55 after a great career […]