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10 Tips for financial planners

Tips for financial planners Here are 10 tips for financial planners. Starting your career as a financial planner is an opportunity to create a life for yourself that few other people will be able to match. After nearly two decades as a financial planner – including eight years as a co-owner of a planning business, […]

Don’t get caught by unit trust fund managers

As a close observer of the unit trust industry for nearly 20 years, I still struggle to find a balance between my faith in unit trusts as investments and my cynicism about unit trust fund managers. For instance, I really have to try not to laugh when I meet new product providers who promise (with […]

Uncertainty and volatility must not scare you

Uncertainty and volatility can seem scary… don’t let this worry you The devaluation of the rand. Labour disputes in the mining and agricultural sectors. Concerns about our economic future. These issues all unsettle investors. The fact that the stock market performed well in 2012 is amplifying the fear. Investors worry the market cannot continue going […]

A financial services career is a great choice

Here is some advice about a financial services career If you want a career that is challenging, mentally stimulating and fulfilling, consider a financial services career. After nearly two decades in the industry, including eight years as co-founder of a financial services business, I have watched many people succeed beyond their expectations. But many have failed, […]

Practical advice on how to save

The starting point to becoming wealthy is that you have to spend less than you earn. More importantly, you have to do this every month of every year so that you are accumulating capital on an annual basis. It seems rather obvious and is definitely common sense. But it is very difficult for most people […]

Is the JSE on the road to nowhere?

The one question I’m asked most often is: “Where is the JSE going next?”. The short answer is I have no idea and nor does anyone else. However, we can use history to provide some guidelines. More specifically, we can use long-term valuations of the JSE to give us our best indication of what to […]

Optimists win

Will it surprise you to know wealthy people are generally happy optimists? Probably not. In fact, most of us probably believe affluent people are happier because they are wealthy. But most of us will be wrong. Those who have achieved a measure of success in their lives have generally been optimistic and happy over their […]

Investment advice for 2013

How to manage your investments and why predictions are a waste of time… Every year I get asked to make a range of predictions including: what will the rand do, how will the JSE perform, will the residential property market recover and what will happen to the overseas markets? Without fail, I try to explain […]

Be your own fund manager

Trying to determine whether the JSE is expensive, what is happening to resources, where the rand is going and what further damage politicians will do to our markets is an impossible task. Many investors (and their financial advisors) choose to outsource control of their investments to fund managers of flexible or balanced funds. The belief […]

Education policies

Parents of young children often buy “education plans” that are sold to them by life assurance agents. The sales pitch is quite simple and powerful – you need to start saving to ensure that you can afford to send your beloved child to school. Often mention will be made of how bad the public education […]