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Financial freedom

Financial freedom sets you free If you want to be financially free as early as possible, it might help you to know what other financially free people have in common. Worried about dying young Most of the people I have met who have retired early had an overriding fear that they would retire at 65 […]

June 2015 investment markets update

June 2015 investment markets update The current state of the SA and International markets can best be described as ‘volatile’. May 2015 was bad month for investors, the SA stock market fell by 4% during the month, while a balanced portfolio lost between 2.5% and 3.0%. Almost all asset classes lost money in May however […]

SmartRand provides investment advice online

SMARTRAND USES PROVEN INVESTMENT PRINCIPLES TO PROVIDE PERSONALISED INVESTMENT ADVICE ONLINE THEO VORSTER AND WARREN INGRAM FROM GALILEO CAPITAL POWER SMARTRAND The established personal investment firm, Galileo Capital, is the financial advice company responsible for the investment advice provided by SmartRand. Galileo Capital is a registered financial services provider (FSP), approved and regulated by the […]

Retired reader’s question about capital

I answer a retired reader’s question about capital The question I retired at 60 with a 20 year investment horizon, now 12 years later should my horizon be eight years, or still 20 years? Obviously at some stage I could start drawing on capital (or need to). From “Baffled Pensioner” My Answer This is an issue […]

Complex investment products: Caution is advised

Be wary of complex investment products Over the last few weeks I’ve had an increasing number of enquiries from readers about a new complex investment product offered by a life assurance company. It offers access to low-cost, indexed investments with a fee structure that will apparently benefit investors. This is the latest in a long […]

Economic growth is unrelated to stock market performance

Will it surprise you to know there is almost no relationship between economic growth and  stock market performance? If you are spending time worrying about economic growth when making your investment decisions, it’s likely you are wasting your time. Warren Buffett, during his most recent shareholder’s meeting, told investors he has never made an investment […]

Winning the lotto means responsibility

Winning the lotto comes with responsibility Over the last few weeks there have been many people winning the lotto. A lot of them won big. Two lucky people shared a jackpot of nearly R60m. I have met a few lotto winners over the years and most of them have sad stories to tell about their […]

Property investment: Is it a good idea?

Property investment ins-and-outs South Africans have a fixation on residential property investment, because we are told from a young age that we have to own a home. So, when we start work we duly buy a home and embark on our lifelong property investment adventure. As we grow older and have children, we buy a […]

Money lessons for children

Money lessons for children will help them the rest of their lives Money is an integral part of modern living and children who grow up understanding money will have a real advantage in life. It is up to parents to teach their children about money. This should start early with money lessons for children. Our […]